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EPISODE 5: Medicinal Cannabis (part 1)


Just what is all the fuss about?

The Chinese knew of its therapeutic and medicinal properties as far back as 4000BC. Since then, many cultures around the world have used cannabis or “marijuana” for a variety of reasons.

In the first part of our 2-part episode, Medicinal Cannabis, we hear from people in the street using cannabis - both recreationally and medicinally. We learn how it affects different people in different ways and the reasons why.

Including interviews with psychologist Dr James Alexander, Andrew Kavasilas from the HEMP Party, Dolph Cook from the Cannabis University, Michael Baulderstone from The Hemp Embassy and medical cannabis advocate Lucy Haslam.

Excerpts from MEDICAN workshops with Dr Teresa Towpik and Dr Deborah Waldron.

Featuring music from Flake, the Sunnyboys, Grinspoon, Gnibi and Elisa.

Narrated by Peter Miller and Mim Handley.

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