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EPISODE 8: Solutions



Since the 1930s the war on drugs has raged.

It’s produced international organised crime syndicates, highly lucrative private prison systems and corruption at every turn, amongst a multitude of negative socio-economic impacts. Meanwhile, those at the frontline, the drug addicts, have only increased every year the war has been fought.

Episode 8: Solutions, finds out why the war continues despite its massive failure and who the beneficiaries of this war are. We look at international methods that have led to peace in other countries, in this un-winnable, destructive war.

Including interviews with local Nimbinites, Neil Pike, Teresa Biscoe, Dr James Alexander, Michael Baulderstone and Andrew Kavasilas; activists Lucy Haslam and Ruth Birgin; and Greens MP and solicitor, David Shoebridge.

Featuring music from Ash Grunwald, The Doors, Headfirst, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground, Claude Hay, Coldplay and Steppenwolf.

Narrated by Phil Bromley

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