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A radio series exposing the failure of the international War On Drugs, exploring solutions and proven successes.

History of Cannabis
Never Normal Nimbin
Australia's "alternative" capital
Medicinal Cannabis (part 1)
Medicinal Cannabis (part 2)
Law & Disorder

Since the 1930s the war on drugs has raged producing international organized crime syndicates, prison systems and corruption at every turn, amongst a multitude of negative socio-econmic impacts, Meanwhile those at the frontline, the drug addicts, have only increased every year the was had been fought. Interviews with Neil Pike, Teresa Biscoe, Dr James Alexander, Michael Baulderstone, Andrew Kavasilas, Lucy Haslam, Ruth Birgin, David Shoebridge

With 29 young Nimbin men dealt heavy sentences from a massive “drug” operation that terrorised the whole township, we look at the effectiveness of the laws and the sometimes aggressive ways they’re implemented. Plus we find that dirty word, "addiction" isn't everything we thought it was.

In the second part of our 2-part episode we look at the insanity of the system that’s been put in place for medical cannabis. We discover the success of legalisation in other countries and explore the contradiction of supply in Australia.

In the first part of our 2-part episode, Medicinal Cannabis, we hear from people in the street using cannabis - both recreationally and medicinally. We learn how it affects different people in different ways and the reasons why.

Continuing on from Episode 3, we hear from locals about how Nimbin has developed into an activist community and how it's often misrepresented in mainstream media. Including interviews with permaculture pioneer, Robyn Francis, psychologist Dr James Alexander and Hemp activist Michael Baulderstone

In this episode we explore the uses of this versatile plant and track its journey throughout history. From the steppes of Central Asia to the streets of Nimbin.

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